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Welcome to Maven Salon!

We're not your average salon. Located in one of the historic buildings that make up Downtown Kannapolis, we are called to do more than just great services.


Now don't get us wrong, we love creating signature looks and making women feel beautiful however our hearts are burdened to do so much more.


A calling to create connections, build up the community, and love on this town like it's never seen before.

This is the Maven Movement.

At Maven Salon we hope when you walk through the door it feels like home; cozy and safe, and that you always feel like family.


The Mavens

Funny story, Maven Salon was never our dream

About Maven 

At the time we both owned two separate, successful salons. Unknowing, God had placed the same desire of moving to Downtown Kannapolis and using our craft to connect and unite our community. The more we shared with one another the more we knew God had been knitting our hearts together to open a "first of its kind" salon in the area.

We were called to leave our thriving salons and not take only a leap of faith but a big giant scary plunge. As you walk through Kannapolis's beautiful downtown streets you would never know that our hearts were being led here just when the buildings were crumbles and the streets were actually dirt. We couldn't see His big plan at the time but we could see the clay He was using to mold it. See, we told you it was a funny story.


The Goods



It feels like home. If your home is decorated straight off of pinterest and your hair always looks incredible. Yea, home.


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