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This is the place

Where your hair goals are our hair goals. And those pics you pinned? We're not afraid of them. Finding just the right self-care regimen for those well-loved locks, we are all over that. And being apart of those "I can't believe I'm really doing this!" moments. Whatever you're going for, we're your people.



root blend - $45+| base color - $65+| gloss - $30+

mini foil - $25+ | partial foil - $75+ |full foil - $95+

custom hair painting - 125+

balayage | color melts | contouring

vivids + color corrections - upon consultation

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For new guests or those who have grown to love us but want to chat about trying something new. Thirty minutes to go in as much or as little detail as you want all about your hair. We can chat about hair goals, hair health, service breakdowns, or just about anything else. 



This time is solely dedicated to you and your heart's desires.

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We don't do average, customizing our haircuts to our client's specific needs is what we do. Our Custom Maven Haircut includes a detox wash, hydrating rinse with a hot towel, and is completed with a blowout and style. We recommend this service every 4-16 weeks depending on your style.

Custom Maven Cut


Our Maven's know a haircut isn't one size fits all. Find your custom cut here.

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Have a special event or just want to relax and allow us to care for your hair? No worries, we have you covered! A detox wash, hot towel treatment, and brush blowout finished silky smooth or with waves, curls, texture, or any other way you prefer. Love a good blowout? Ask about our Maven Membership!

Babe Blowout


Perfect for a night out on the town or on the couch, we don't judge ;)


keratin - 150+

conditioning treatments - $20+


hand tied+ tape in +keratin 

upon consultation

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For those in-between session visits when you are in need of root coverage only. Coverage can be for gray or for a lived-in rooted look. Often referred to as a root melt, tap, smudge, or a root retouch. Includes a nourishing wash, hydrating conditioner, hot towel, and blowout. Recommended every 4-8 weeks.

Root Coverage


Got roots? We got you covered, literally.

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Consisting of an all-over application of one color. Whether you want to be a new color root to ends, refresh your current color, or need more than a couple of inches of root coverage this service is for you. As always it includes a nourishing wash, hydrating rinse, hot towel, and blowout. Recommended every 4-16 weeks.

Base Color


A base color that is anything but basic.

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This multipurpose maintenance service can refresh a color, banish brass, add tones, increase softness, shine or darken. Typically booked to maintain a highlight, balayage, or full color. The only thing it doesn't do is cover gray or go lighter. Ideal to maintain a previous visit and not ideal for a first time booking. Recommended every 4-8 weeks.



Maintenance for girls on the go.


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Face frames, money pieces, or part-line highlights or lowlights is what this service is all about. Typically used for just a few foils around the face and often paired with other color services. Recommended every 4-12 weeks.

Face Frame Foil


Face it, being a little extra is a big mood.

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Often booked to maintain a full foil or for those who are looking for a moderate amount of change. This service includes more foiling than a face frame but less than a full and can be also used to add dimension. Recommended every 8-16 weeks.

Partial Foil


We may be partial, but once you've been foiled by a Maven you'll never look back.

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An all-over highlight or lowlight foil application that is perfect to lighten, darken, or add dimension. Recommended every 12-24 weeks.

Full Foil


Go all out girl you deserve it.


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If you love lived-in, low maintenance, natural-looking tones that grow out seamlessly this service is for you. Balayage is a service that can require multiple sessions however, once the goal is achieved often boasts long wearability.



Boss babes & busy moms agree, balayage is where it's at.

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Is your hair in need of a fix? No worries, our Maven colorists are trained to correct color while caring for your hair ensuring the best possible outcome for any scenario.


A consultation is suggested before booking this service as color corrections can sometimes be lengthy and vary in cost.

Color Correction


Maven magic is real.

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A customizable treatment beneficial for all hair types and textures. Defrizzes and smooths hair for up to 12 weeks while improving hair health, decreasing blowdry time, and increasing the styling hold of your hair.


Perfect for those whose hair falls flat or swells in our NC humidity.

Smoothing Treatment


Because frizz doesn't go with any of your outfits.



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Beginning with a hair evaluation we will then custom match you for your perfect hair. We will also review the required maintenance, cost, and care so that you know exactly how to take care of your new strands. The $50 fee is non-refundable but will be credited to your installation appointment. This service is required prior to booking an installation appt.



Ready for your dream hair? Let's chat.

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This is the BIG day. Your hair has arrived and it's ready and waiting on you. 



Can you say best day ever?

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Required to maintain the health of your hair and the longevity of your extensions. Recommended every 4-6 weeks.



Maintaining your best self, we see you.


Other Services

Maven Salon has a diverse staff of stylists whose talents and abilities stretch far and wide. We offer many more services and sessions than we could ever possibly fit onto this page and encourage you to view them all. 

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